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Looking for your next MMA Manager Game ...?

Mixed Martial Arts Sim is an independently run text based MMA Manager/Company simulation game. For early game access including all future updates and access to the Pro Wrestling Booker game mode an account costs just £7.99. To help prevent fraud, and to increase your confidence in purchasing with us, all game accounts can only be purchased and handled through PayPal. They will accept most forms of payment. This will then send us a confirmation email of your purchase. We will then send you an email back within 48 hours which will include your login details.

MMA Sim is an online, real time, multiplayer mixed martial arts simulation game. You start off by taking control of your own starup company in the MMA Sim universe.

You will directly compete with other real life users from across the globe, for in game talent, staff, tv deals, ppv deals, viewership amounts, ticket sales, merch sales and much more.

The aim of the game is to put on the best possible MMA events you can!

You can achieve this by signing up various talent within the game universe. The talent all have various skills and statistics. Some of these stats will be hidden, which allows users to find out how a fighter develops, what their strengths and weaknesses are over the course of their career.

You could start off by signing brand new, rookie talent and build up your roster and find the next in game superstar. Or you could spend a bit more on your talent and start to sign some available names talent within the game, that have been used by other real life players and are already on their own career journey!

As you progress up through the company ranks, building up your company from a Startup, you'll unlock more features within the game. You will be able to host events in bigger arenas. Use your companies popularity to attract more popular fighters to bring in more fans. You'll have the chance to sign deals with anything from Streaming companies to global PPV companies.

And along the way as you go up through each company size the game will increase in difficulty but your online real life competition will also increase in difficulty as you'll be going head to head for ratings and talent against more experienced users.

The ever changing game world is fluid and expanding. Talent themselves start their careers and evolve over time. They go through highs and lows. They all have their own abilities, they are all different to deal with. Some can be harder than others to negotiate with. Some can be badly affected by a loss. Some can get nervious in title fights. Others will decline after their prime fast than others.

And your job within this universe is to steer your company through these various times. Building up to the best fights you can put on. Bringing in as much revenue to pay off the various outgoings you have in the game.

"Mixed Martial Arts Sim is a fantastic game! You take control of your own MMA Sim and compete against other real people in real time. I've spent hours on this and had a blast!" - Chase Alexander, British Professional Wrestler

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